STEP 1. Install Node.js

STEP 2. Install npm

STEP 3. Install CLI

CLI = Command Line Interface

npm install @angular/cli -g

STEP 4. Check for the installed versions

ng -v

You’ll get an output like:

Angular CLI: 1.5.0
Node: 6.11.4
OS: linux ia32

STEP 5. Create your first Angular 5 project

First go into your folder where you’ll keep your web applications

Use this command to create your first Angular 5 app:

ng new my-new-project --style=scss --routing

Notice the two flags at the end:
–style=scss which instructs the Angular CLI to use SCSS for styling and
–routing for adding basic routing support to the new Angular project.

For a beginner as you are, you do not need to add these flags as they are to be used later, when you’ll master the Angular basics.

Once the project is scaffolded, you can navigate inside your project then serve it.

cd my-new-project
ng serve

That’s it, you now have a new Angular 5 project ready for you to build your next awesome Angular application.